По наводке mustt, почитал про фиктивную двадцать первую симфонию Мыколы Овсянико-Куликовского. В английской статье про нее нашел такую чудесную цитатку:

My point is that, despite all this extravagant frenzy for the truth, there is something in the human mind that turns instinctively to fiction…. It is a sheer impossibility for human beings to think exclusively in terms of the truth. For one thing, the stock of indubitable truths is too scanty. For another thing, there is the aversion to them that I have mentioned. All of our thinking is in terms of assumptions, many of them plainly not true. Into our most solemn and serious reflections fictions enter–and three times out of four they quickly crowd out all the facts. “That this is true needs no argument. Every man, thinking of his wife, has to assume that she is beautiful and amiable, else despair will seize him and he will be unable to think at all. Every American, contemplating Dr. Coolidge [then President of the United States], is physically bound to admire him: the alternative is anarchy. Every Christian, viewing the clergy, is forced into bold theorizing to save himself from Darwinism. And all of us, taking stock of ourselves, must resort to hypothesis to escape the river. “What ails the truth is that it is mainly uncomfortable, and often dull. The human mind seeks something more amusing, and more caressing. – H.L. Mencken

Из других известных музыкальных обманов, вот самый свежий (и, возможно, самый масштабный):
The Joyce Hatto Scandal

Новости культуры:
Recent admissions by an ex-Nazi official living in Argentina have confirmed what some musicologists have suspected for years: that early twentieth century German composer Anton Webern and his colleagues devised the so-called “serial” technique of music to encrypt messages to Nazi spies living in the United States and Britain. In what can surely be considered the most brazen instance of Art Imitating Espionage to date, avant garde composers of the Hitler years working in conjunction with designers of the Nazi Enigma code were bamboozling unsuspecting audiences with their atonal thunderings while at the same time passing critical scientific data back and forth between nations.

Towards a taxonomy of Beethoven’s Fifth ringtones in genre fiction.

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