Сеанс разоблачений

There is much confusion as to nomenclature of the various instruments in different languages. …most instruments referred to today as flügelhorns are actually soprano saxhorns. @ In truth, the flugelhorn has been extinct for some time. @

…we long ago let the “real” trumpet (the natural trumpet as used in the Baroque Period) be replaced by a soprano valve trombone, and that today’s orchestras and bands are missing what could be a gorgeous additional voice, the true trumpet. @
Похоже, тема про то что современная труба это на самом деле “soprano valve trombone” (as opposed to natural trumpet) – устный фольклор музыкантов, играющих на духовых.

И наконец: базука это на самом-то деле не оружие, а духовой инструмент!

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