Velvet Underground – Sheltered Life

Лу Рид решил поучаствовать во флешмобе:

Never been to London, never been to France
Never wore a sari, never learned to dance
Never walked down to 42nd street fairs
Never smoked any filtered air

Guess it’s true what all the people say
Gonna have to mend my old time ways, yeah
I guess it’s true, guess I’ve lived a sheltered life

Never walked about on the streets at night
Never got into an uptown fight
Never smoked a hookah, never saw a rug
Couldn’t even squash a beetle bug

Never went to parties in a chauffeured car
Never wore a top hat ’cause I won’t get far
Never learned to handle all the things that I’ve seen
Maybe I’ll grow up to be big and mean

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