Католическая церковь добавила к списку смертных грехов еще семь. Заголовок у новости: Pedophilia is now a sin, so knock it off fellas.
Кстати, genetic engineering теперь тоже смертный грех.

Статья про необычные имена:
By scouring census records from 1790 to 1930, Mr. Sherrod and Mr. Rayback discovered Garage Empty, Hysteria Johnson, King Arthur, Infinity Hubbard, Please Cope, Major Slaughter, Helen Troy, several Satans and a host of colleagues to the famed Ima Hogg (including Ima Pigg, Ima Muskrat, Ima Nut and Ima Hooker).
The authors also interviewed adults today who had survived names like Candy Stohr, Cash Guy, Mary Christmas, River Jordan and Rasp Berry. All of them, even Happy Day, seemed untraumatized. – NYTimes
Вспоминаются шутки про “настоящие блюзовые имена”. You can’t be a blues man with a name like Sequoia, Sierra, or Rainbow, no matter how many men you shot in Memphis. Интересно, Emma Royd – блюзовое имя или нет?

Good reading for the fans of conspiracy theories.

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