Взрыв мозга, одна штука

Улыбка, The Matryomin Ensemble
“Ulybka” – What a humorous but adorable sound of the word! Улыбка (Ulybka) is a Russian word for “smile.” In June 2009, Matryomin-lovers got together and started the ensemble. We play our favorite tunes arranged in Ulybka’s original style, and always enjoy making music in happy harmony.
Every Matryominist tend to perform with a frown because the instrument requires a great deal of concentration. Nevertheless, we would love to play the Matryomins with bright smiles, true to our group name!
What is Matryomin?
“Matryomin” is a combination of a matryoshka and a theremin. The theremin, which is the world’s earliest electronic musical instrument and is so unique in that it is played without being touched, is housed inside a wooden figure of a Russian nesting doll, matryoshka. The musical pitch is controlled solely by the distance between the instrument and the performer’s hand in midair.

Японский ансамбль Улыбка играет Очи Черные на терменвоксах, вделанных в матрешки:

Кто останется в живых, может посмотреть Калинку.

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