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– Well, I advise any bashful man to take hashish when he wants to offer his heart to any fair lady, for it will give him the courage of a hero, the eloquence of a poet, and the ardor of an Italian. Remember that, gentlemen, and come to me when the crisis approaches.
– Does it conquer the pride, rouse the pity, and soften the hard hearts of the fair sex? – asked Done.
– I dare say now is your time to settle the fact, for here are two ladies who have imbibed, and in three hours will be in such a seraphic state of mind that ‘No’ will be an impossibility to them.
Louisa May Alcott, “Perilous Play”, 1869

A peculiarly perilous characteristic of the drug, from the viewpoint of youth protectionists, is that it commonly inflames the erotic impulses – especially when smoked by adolescents.
In the case of young girls, this has resulted in many tragedies resembling that of Janet. In the case of youths between fifteen and twenty-five, it leads to revolting sex crimes.
MARIJUANA: SEX-CRAZING DRUG MENACE! (Modern Mechanix, Feb, 1937)

Modern Mechanix вообще жжот нипадецки:
Extremes in Sex Behavior (Dec, 1961)
A few years ago the newspapers of Naples reported a very curious and rare accident. Two young people, just married, were carried to a hospital. The young man was 22 years old, his wife 18. The woman was in a severe condition of shock. Her husband, in a state of exceptional sexual excitation, had possessed her continuously for two days and two nights.
The man, when in the hospital, was still very excited, both mentally and physically. Only after three days of treatment with sedatives was he reduced to a normal condition. When questioned, the young man confessed that until marriage, he had relations with females very rarely because of his very poor economic conditions.

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