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Mighty Sparrow – Barack The Magnificent

Я услышал эту песенку, кажется, на следующий день после выборов – а картинку нашел подходящую вот только сейчас.
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Kстати Обама не единственный президент, с которым Sparrow дружит. Sparrow also frequently comments on social and political issues in his songs. During his early career he was a supporter of Eric Williams and his People’s National Movement (PNM), which formed in 1955 and led Trinidad and Tobago to independence in 1962; songs such as “Leave The Damn Doctor Alone” and “William the Conqueror” mentioned Williams directly, while others such as “Federation” (blaming Jamaica for the breakup of the short-lived West Indies Federation), “Our Model Nation” (celebrating Trinidadian independence), and “Pay As You Earn” (supporting the PNM’s pay-as-you-earn tax system) echoed PNM positions. Sparrow did express discontent in 1957’s “No, Doctor, No,” but it was comparatively mild, and aimed at holding PNM politicians to their promises rather than replacing them. @

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